Category: Fiction

  • Cherry & Chocolate

    Short story published in Drunk Monkeys Magazine, Oct 2020. Wish I were there with you. Anyway I’m gone as much as you are. The words were scribbled on a receipt which faded on the dashboard, once-black ink steadily baking brown. Sunlight poured in, casting specks from dead bugs plastered to the windshield across the brown face […]


  • Eresh Ashore

    Fantasy short story published in Theakers Quarterly Fiction, Issue 66, Apr 2020. Re-printed in Silver Blade Magazine, Sept 2020. The flecked reflections of the moon on the far waves looked like approaching ships. The moon was thin tonight, a silver sliver, so the fleet was smaller than usual, clustered together against the vast ocean. The waves […]

  • Knots

       Short story published in Broken Pencil Magazine, Sept 2, 2020 You cock your head at me and ask,      “Are we too old for fairies?”      Both your hands clutch a paper coffee cup. Your sweater sleeves are pushed to your elbows, orange and pink stripes bunched up and overlapping.      “What kind of fairy?” I say. […]