Eresh Ashore

Fantasy short story published in Theakers Quarterly Fiction, Issue 66, Apr 2020. Re-printed in Silver Blade Magazine, Sept 2020.

misty ocean shot

The flecked reflections of the moon on the far waves looked like approaching ships. The moon was thin tonight, a silver sliver, so the fleet was smaller than usual, clustered together against the vast ocean. The waves pushed the moonlight ships apart, then swelled and drew them in; ever moving, never closer.

         Eresh squinted til his eyes grew sore. He sat, hands clasped over his knees, on the top of a rise before a jagged cliffside that fell into the sea. At this height, even in softest moonlight, he could see far across the ocean, the waves gently churning with the salty breeze. You couldn’t get a view like that from the docks.

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